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  • What is the Beta Launch? When is the Release and what can I expect?
    • The beta version of WingCharts was launched on February 1st, 2017 with core functionalities and premium features made available for public use including QuantForecast and Trade Signals. However, the infrastructure is still in development and as such you may experience data quality and speed issues until the full release of the website. For US stocks, we currently support only S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 stocks in the beta version. Also the current charting, Customize QuantForecast and Screener features are not the full version yet, as enhancements are currently being made on those features. The full release is expected on March 1st, 2017, and users can expect:

      1) Faster website and data quality
      2) All NYSE and Nasdaq stocks
      3) More easy-to-use and powerful Customized QuantForecast
      4) More technical indicators/patterns supported
      5) Backtesting tool available for Premium users

      To get informed on updates regarding WingCharts' release, you may sign up with the Notification box checked.


      • Why is a symbol/ticker missing?
        • The beta version of WingCharts currently supports S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 stocks, as well as all major U.S. ETFs, indices, futures and currencies. You may request to have a ticker added to our system by submitting a request below.
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          • Why is this price/indicator wrong?
            • We are currently upgrading our infrastructure and data sources. If you see any errors in prices or indicators, please send us a support request below and we will address asap with top priority. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
              • What does this pattern / indicator mean? What technical indicators/patterns are supported?
                • Please visit this page for list of indicators and patterns supported with a brief description. In the near future we will be looking to add more patterns and indicators to our system. If you have any particular requests/questions, feel free to contact us below.
                  • How does the criteria matching work in QuantForecast?
                    • The historical pattern matching used in QuantForecast is a series of logic operators on the historical data of multiple technical indicators. For example:
                      TYPE DESCRIPTION CRITERIA
                      Long-Term Up Trend 200-Day Simple Moving Average is Trending Higher 200SMA Trend > 0
                      Positive Divergence Price is Moving Lower while Fast Stochastics is crossing Positively Fast Stochastics K Line > Slow Stochastics K Line And 10-Day Total Return % <= 0
                      Statistical Rarity Statistically Low Value in Slow Stochastics D Line with a 4.34% percentile Slow Stochastics D Line = 14.37 +- 0.99
                      - The first one is straight forward - the < or > signs are simply less than or greater than. In the above 1st criteria, QuantForecast looks for all data points where 200SMA Trend is greater than 0, with 200SMA Trend being the slope of the 200 day simple moving average.

                      - For the second one, it is the same concept but with 2 operators within the same criteria. Essentially, QuantForecast is looking for data points with Fast Stochastics K Line above the Slow Stochastics K Line and the 10-day total price return % less than or equal to zero at the same time.

                      - The last one is most complex. For the meaning of Statistical Rarity, please see this page instead. Focusing on the criteria, it is trying to approximately match the value of 14.37 with a +- 0.99 tolerance. In other words, QuantForecast is looking for values between 13.38 and 15.26. The reason we approximate is because it is extremely rare to have the same value in a timeseries, and hence instead we try to find values as close to the value as possible. The precision used varies depending on the stock, but in general it is about +-1% based on historical values.

                      • Why is the website slow in loading?
                        • We are currently upgrading our infrastructure and in the release you can expect a faster and more smooth user experience. Please contact us if the loading problem persists.
                        • Why is the live data not refreshing?
                        • Live price data is refreshed for US stocks between 9:30am open and 4:00pm close EST, while futures and forex are live between 6pm and 4pm EST. There may be certain delays during the day due to peak traffic. We are currently upgrading our infrastructure and in the release you can expect a faster and more smooth user experience. Please contact us if the problem persists.
                        • When are QuantForecasts run?
                        • QuantForecast for each symbol is run after the market closes at 4pm. The timing depends on availability of market data - normally all QuantForecasts are run within 2 hours from the close. We are currently upgrading our infrastructure as we aim to improve the speed as much as possible.

                          Technical Support

                          Please describe the problem/request below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Please note that Premium Members will get priority on support requests. Thank you.
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