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Today's Rare Technical Patterns
2-DAY 5-DAY 10-DAY 20-DAY
APC Anadarko Petroleum Corporation 43.81 8,184,219 -1.11 (-2.46%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical low at 3.86
SBUX Starbucks Corporation 58.96 5,462,092 -0.68 (-1.14%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical low at 5.93
SOXL Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x Shares 85.10 909,449 -7.48 (-8.08%) Oversold Condition: Fast Stochastics K Line near historical low at 0.36
INTC Intel Corporation 33.65 26,348,376 -0.42 (-1.23%) Oversold Condition: Fast Stochastics K Line near historical low at 0.00
MDLZ Mondelez International, Inc. 43.97 10,614,174 -0.93 (-2.07%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical low at 6.15
XRX Xerox Corporation 29.01 3,669,701 -0.17 (-0.58%) Overbought Condition: Slow Stochastics D Line near historical high at 97.31
GIS General Mills, Inc. 55.53 3,960,941 -0.63 (-1.12%) Oversold Condition: Slow Stochastics K Line near historical low at 5.14
ORCL Oracle Corporation 50.76 15,845,878 -0.06 (-0.12%) Overbought Condition: MACD is at 0.65
DE Deere & Company 122.06 1,355,941 -1.25 (-1.01%) Down Streak: Price is down 7 Days in a row
PM Philip Morris International Inc 118.21 2,627,373 -1.29 (-1.08%) Down Streak: Price is down 6 Days in a row


What Is a Rare Technical Pattern?
The rarity of a pattern is based on the number of occurences the pattern has happened in the past. Specifically, WingChart determines a pattern to be rare if it happened in less than 10% of the time (percentile) among all historical data points. The lower the percentile, the more rare a pattern is. One common use of rare patterns is in contrarian trading strategy, which bets the opposite would likely occur after an extended period of time in one direction. >> Read More
Posted 2017-06-28T15:33:08Z
out IBB flat as i gotta step away from pc. wont be able to monitor it
Posted 2017-06-28T15:32:00Z
$RDC this is the way i see it, if you see at least 50% of all cars as electric cars not even including suvs, pick up truck and truck trailer
Posted 2017-06-28T15:31:12Z
@DeathCubeA novice traders underappreciate exponential qualities of time frames, monthly dominates weekly, weekly daily...etc
Posted 2017-06-28T15:30:37Z
@disposablehero @bluer_skies18 I wouldn't know.... The good chatrooms usually have all winners
Posted 2017-06-28T15:30:04Z
$LABD $LABU $XBI $IBB Here it comes...
Posted 2017-06-28T15:28:36Z
$LABD $LABU $XBI $IBB stubborn ass bio bulls, they can't hold this much longer.... watch them all bail out to save their asses :)
Posted 2017-06-28T15:27:43Z
@tradecruz Pretty incredible
Posted 2017-06-28T15:27:39Z
@pgneal3 Yes we had a typo
Posted 2017-06-28T15:25:07Z
Posted 2017-06-28T15:23:07Z
$RAD We need volume and momentum! We can do this!!!
Posted 2017-06-28T15:22:31Z
$FIT 5.5452 to be exact....and yes, if it breaks and CLOSES above that mark, would be bullish
Posted 2017-06-28T15:21:35Z
$DCTH Seems like support is strong at 0.20 but few buyers around 0.215
Posted 2017-06-28T15:19:44Z
Had a feeling it might go higher so layering in. Still cautious and saving powder to add 3.2 area if it gets there
Posted 2017-06-28T15:19:09Z
$UWT go back to 10...please =/
Posted 2017-06-28T15:18:42Z
@Yatzo u should have it
Posted 2017-06-28T15:15:19Z
$LABD low volume selling, $XBI up on low volume...u know what that means....
Posted 2017-06-28T15:15:02Z
$AMD back up we go $14
Posted 2017-06-28T15:14:46Z
@maceo17 - More like five steps back and two steps forward…
Posted 2017-06-28T15:14:23Z
$RAD I don't believe in fake news! I believe in $RAD. The merger wasn't fake news!!!
Posted 2017-06-28T15:14:02Z
$GDX $NUGT $DUST some thoughts on the stagnant price action.. trade the outer limits of the range until it breaks
Uni-President China Upgraded to Add from Reduce, 18% Upside
Posted Wed, 28 Jun 2017 01:49:22 -0400
CIMB has upgraded food and beverage maker Uni President China 220 HK to add from reduce as hot weather has boosted demand for its beverages CIMB has upgraded food and beverage maker Uni President China 220 HK to add from reduce as hot weather has boosted demand for its beverages... >>> Read More
FTC to Move Forward With Qualcomm Complaint
Posted Tue, 27 Jun 2017 22:49:25 -0400
This year promises to be full of litigation for Qualcomm NASDAQ QCOM The mobile chip giant received a twofer in January when the FTC and dominant customer Apple NASDAQ AAPL both filed suit against Qualcomm just days apart The underlying allegations were largely... >>> Read More Is Forcing Retailers to Push Innovation Into Overdrive
Posted Tue, 27 Jun 2017 22:49:32 -0400
Amazon com NASDAQ AMZN is pushing its business closer and closer to the customer Its acquisition of Whole Foods NASDAQ WFM 160 had analysts and investors imaginations running wild with possible options for the new real estate near affluent customers In light... >>> Read More
Tesla, Inc. to Announce Q2 Deliveries: What to Expect
Posted Tue, 27 Jun 2017 22:49:39 -0400
Unlike its automotive peers which report vehicle deliveries every month Tesla NASDAQ TSLA 160 announces its vehicle deliveries only four times a year The electric car maker reports its vehicle deliveries within three calendar days of each quarter s end And it s coming up... >>> Read More
CalAmp Corporation Delivers As Promised
Posted Tue, 27 Jun 2017 22:49:44 -0400
CalAmp Corp NASDAQ CAMP announced fiscal first quarter 2018 results on Tuesday after the market closed highlighted again by strong sales growth for the machine to machine communications specialist s MRM telematics products In addition both revenue and adjusted earnings... >>> Read More



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